Aldis, the Kingdom of the Blue Rose, is a free and prosperous land, but still faces many dangers, both external and internal. Fortunately for the people of Aldis, there are the envoys of the Sovereign’s Finest, champions of the ideals of the kingdom and its chosen protectors. The envoys are selected for their dedication, drive, and ability to work together in small groups. They are not soldiers, but problem-solvers, dealing with everything from mediating local disputes to investigating potentially dangerous ancient artifacts, or from hunting shadowspawn in the wilderness to performing surveillance on threats looming outside of Aldis’ borders.

In short, envoys are adventurers, and a team of the Sovereign’s Finest makes a perfect group of characters for the focus of a Blue Rose series. They travel far and wide, carrying out their duties and safeguarding their people from harm, all in service to Queen and Country.

Blue Rose: True Colors

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