Maximian Manningham


Rhy-wolf Expert

Accuracy: 2
Communication: 3
Constitution: 3
Dexterity: 2
Fighting: 0
Intelligence: 1
Perception: 3
Strength: 1
Willpower: 2

HP: 29
Defense: 12
Speed: 14

Perception (Psychic)
Perception (Smelling)

Psychic (Novice): Psychic Contact, Psychic Shield, Second Sight
Intrigue (Novice): Etiquette

Calling: Wealth
Destiny: Ambitious
Fate: Greedy

Light Armor (armor rating 3)

Short term goal: Acquire some antique that would pique the interest of someone well connected.
Long term goal: Start a successful shop in a big city.


Maximian was a very young pup when his small pack was attacked by Shadowspawn. When the fierce battle ended, an injured Lucius was the only survivor. Luckily for him, a traveling merchant, Lucius Manningham, stumbled upon the aftermath. Lucius took pity on the animal, treated his wounds, and brought him along. Without any idea how to track down a wild wolf pack or how to convince one to adopt a strange pup, he had no better plan than to take him in as a family pet. His kids had been asking for a dog, anyway.

For the first week or so at the Manningham household, that plan seemed to work out fine. But then Lucius caught his youngest daughter talking with the wolf as if they were having a conversation. He thought it was cute until Maximian nonchalantly asked for some food. After some discussion about what to do, Lucius and his wife, Deirdre, decided that a person is a person regardless of how much fur he had, and he was already family, so it made the most sense to treat him as their adopted son.

Maximian received all the tutoring you’d expect any child of a moderately wealthy merchant to receive. He feels completely at home with humans, or at least those that treat him as one of their own. In fact, he usually feels closer to them than he does with other rhydan or animals. He looks up to his adoptive father and wants to follow in his footsteps by making his own way in the world and eventually starting his own business.

Maximian Manningham

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